A Beautiful, Durable Hardwood Floor Begins With Glitsa

There’s a reason Glitsa is the number one choice of professional contractors and acclaimed architects; the name Glitsa means quality and reliability. From our superior floor finishing systems to our hard working maintenance products, we invite you to explore your options and get to know Glitsa, the choice of discriminating homeowners everywhere. Read on to learn more about Glitsa finishes and which system is right for you.

Which Finish is Right For You?

Conversion Varnish (Swedish)

The Glitsa Gold Seal Swedish system (also known as conversion varnish) is an extremely durable, low-maintenance finishing option, known for its superior clarity and wood grain enhancing qualities. A wood floor finished with the Glitsa Swedish finish glows rich and warm, maximizing the natural beauty of your floor. An excellent choice for domestic favorites and oily exotic species, this finish is engineered to be extremely durable, minimizing the appearance of scratches due to its flexibility and unique chemistry–a perfect option for high-traffic and every day residential use. Download Swedish Systems brochure here.


If you’re interested in preserving the natural wood color of your floor a good choice would be a Glitsa waterborne finish. Waterbornes are low-odor and come in clear, non-yellowing or traditional slight amber options, making them a great finish for lighter wood floors like maple as well as a variety of species. A Glitsa waterborne finish won’t amber over time and its low in VOCs. Download Waterborne Brochure here.

Oil-Modified Polyurethane

Glitsa’s oil-modified polyurethane finish is a transparent, slightly-amber-in-appearance, oil-based finish formulated to provide excellent durability and stain resistance. Polyurethane provides a degree of depth and rich color with excellent protection. Widely used in the variety of environments, it’s an excellent choice for high-traffic home conditions.