Gold Seal Aerosols

Gold Seal Touch-Up Aerosols are the ideal touch-up products for small areas with minor blemishes. Glitsa touch-up aerosols are designed to rejuvenate the surface appearance of small worn areas of less than one square foot. For larger areas or for areas with excessive wear, consult a professional.

  • Touch-up minor scratches
  • Use for repairs
  • For use on floors finished with Gold Seal or Lite Scent
  • Not intended for finishing large areas
  • Do not apply over bare wood or stain
Packaging: Aerosol Can – 12 oz Net Wt
Product Code: Semi-Gloss: 911647.00-12 • Satin: 911648.00-12


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  1. If spraying on a newly coated surface, do not forget to test a discreet place to make sure none of the adverse effects.
  2. Make sure surface is free of contaminants (e.g., oils, wax, grease, etc.).
  3. Gently prepare the surface using fine sandpaper (220 grit or finer). NOTE: This product is not intended for use on vertical surfaces.
  4. After surface preparation, carefully wipe the area clean to ensure that the dust created by the surface preparation is removed. Do not use commercial solvents or adhesive cloths.
  5. Protect the surrounding area from overspray.
  6. For best results, use only Gold Seal Touch-Up Aerosols when the product and the surface to be treated are between 60°-80°F (16°-27°C).
  7. Shake can vigorously for at least one minute after rattling or mixing ball is heard to prevent clogging and ensure uniformity of sheen.
  8. Make sure that the work area is properly ventilated, but prevent direct air flow (e.g., fans, winds, etc.) over the surface to be sprayed.
  9. Multiple, thinly misted coats are recommended. Do not attempt to achieve final desire in one or two heavy coats, as it may lead to wrinkling, peeling or uneven sheen. Allow to dry thoroughly (2-3 hours) between coats.
  10. Hold the can 18-24 cm away from the area to be coated.
  11. Press the spray button firmly and use a rapid, overlapping motion during application.
  12. If clogging develops, turn spray button 1/4 turn. If clogging persists, remove and clean the spray button only. DO NOT INSERT OBJECTS INTO CAN. With the exit hole pointed away from you, carefully replace the spray button using a gentle twisting motion.
  13. To clean spray button for future use, turn upside down and press spray button until no more spray comes out.
  14. Discard the empty container in accordance with local regulations. Do NOT place in a home garbage compactor.

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