Bacca® Sealer

Bacca Sealer is a two-component conversion varnish sealer designed for use with Gold Seal, Lite Scent, MultiKote or Poly 500.


  • Two-Component (acid catalyst)
  • Excellent open-time
  • Overnight dry to recoat
  • Dries well in high humidity, high-temperature environments
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Brings out the color of wood, especially exotics
Packaging: Quart, Gallon, 5-Gallon Pail
VOC: Compliant
Coverage Rate: 300 – 350 sq ft per gallon
Dry Time: Overnight
Color: Amber
Application Method: Brush, Roller, Mop, T-Bar
Product Code: 310395.00




  • 1 Bacca® and 1 Gold Seal or Lite Scent for a traditional natural Swedish look that shows grain definition.
  • 2 Bacca® and 1 Gold Seal or Lite Scent for less grain definition, higher build look.
  • 1 Bacca® and 1 or 2 Poly 500 Series

Application Instructions

Surface Preparation:

Natural wood floors:

  • Sand to 100-120 grit using NWFA approved methods
  • Screen with a 100-120 grit screen.
  • Remove all sanding dust from the floor by thoroughly vacuuming and tack with a Glitsa Tack Mop.
  • At this time a first coat may be applied.

Stained floors:

  • Sand to 100-120 grit using NWFA approved methods.
  • Screen with a 100-120 grit screen.
  • Remove all sanding dust from the floor by thoroughly vacuuming and tacking with a dry Glitsa Tack Mop.
  • Refer to directions on Glitsa Gold Seal Stains for application procedures and dry times.
  • After stains are thoroughly dry, apply seal coat.

Application Instructions:

For best results, product and room temperature should be between 60° – 70°F during application.


Wear a NIOSH/MSHA approved respirator with filters that protect from organic vapors and formaldehyde when applying Bacca. Mix only the amount of Bacca and hardener needed for use within 24 hr. Mix Bacca and hardener in a plastic dishpan and stir well. IMPORTANT: Add only the amount of hardener that is recommended. (14 ounces of hardener to one gallon of Bacca.)


Prior to application, turn off all pilot lights, heaters, air conditioners and all other ignition sources. Since vapors may travel, prevent build up by ventilating areas of the job not being treated.


During winter months, warm temperature must be achieved, then shut off heat to prevent air movement. During application, it is important to prevent direct air movement (windows, doors and refrigerator exhausts) across Bacca, as this will cause Bacca to dry too quickly causing brush marks and lack of flow. Provide indirect ventilation during application.


Avoid direct sunlight on the area being coated by covering windows where necessary. Hot sun will heat the wood and make the Bacca dry too fast to allow full flow, or could cause bubbles in the product.


Bacca should be applied freely with a Glitsa brush or lambswool applicator (new lambswool applicators may leave lint in finish). Bacca should be applied at 300 – 350 sq. ft. per gallon. Follow the grain of the wood from wall to wall, being sure not to over work or apply too thinly, which could cause Bacca to set up too quickly and not allow full flow. In hot, dry climates, Glitsa Retarder may be added to Bacca to lengthen open time and aid flow. Follow instructions on Retarder label. Note: Excess retarder will reduce the solid content of Bacca and lengthen dry time.


Once Bacca is dry to the touch (approximately four hours, depending on weather conditions) immediately open doors and windows to ventilate area, which will also aid the curing of the product.


Allow Bacca to dry at least overnight, or until thoroughly dry. Cold temperatures and/or excessive humidity will extend dry times. Wrinkling of the final top coat may result if any previous applications are not thoroughly dry or if the Bacca is screened too deeply.


When dry, lightly sand with a well-used screen, 100 grit or finer. Note: Using new screens between coats will result in scratches showing through the final finish. Vacuum thoroughly. If tacking is required, use alcohol, lacquer thinner or water only, on a Glitsa Tack Mop. Have adequate ventilation. (Do not use paint thinner or commercially prepared tack rags.) Allow to dry completely before applying top coat. Apply one coat of Glitsa Gold Seal or Gold Seal Lite Scent as a top coat.


Clean brushes immediately after applying product. Wash brushes twice in a high grade of lacquer thinner only. Soak brush in clean, fresh lacquer thinner overnight, then dry thoroughly before using.


After the hardener is added, the pot life of Bacca is 24 hours. Increased temperatures will reduce pot life.


IMPORTANT: Before adding hardener, READ CAUTION STATEMENTS on hardener label. Any mixture containing hardener will have hazards of both components. OBSERVE ALL APPLICABLE PRECAUTIONS.


For Professional Use Only.
Read Safety Data Sheet and Label Precautions before using this product.

Product Properties

Conversion Varnishes Bacca Glitsa Sealer Gold Seal Lite Scent MultiKote
Cast Slightly Amber Amber Clear Clear Pale Amber
Clarity (in can) Semi-Transparent Clear Translucent Translucent Clear
Catalyst Ratio 14 fl oz per Gallon 6 fl oz per Gallon N/A – Precatalyzed N/A – Precatalyzed 4.8 fl oz per Gallon
Pot Life 24 hours** 24 hours** n/a n/a 24 hours**
Solids by Weight 40% 45% 20% 20% 39-40%
Viscosity (#2 Zahn – seconds) 23 sec 26 -30 sec 34 – 38 sec 34 – 38 sec 32 sec
Flash Point (deg F.) 51 38 48 – 60 49 – 61 54
Pounds/Gallon 7.87 8.03 7.09 – 7.17 7.24 – 7.41 7.70 – 7.79
Dry Time to Touch*** 4-5 hours 1-2 hours 4-5 hours 4-5 hours 1-2 hours
Recoat Time Overnight 2-4 hours After 90 days 48 hours 4-6 hours
Full Cure 60-90 days 60-90 days 60-90 days 60-90 days 7-10 days
Sq.Ft. Coverage/Gallon 300  – 350 300  – 350 350 – 400 350 – 400 300 – 400
VOC grams/liter 549 (includes hardener) 541 (includes hardener) 670 – 695 680 – 719 560-566 (includes hardener)
Sheen* – Gloss n/a n/a >90 >90 >85
Sheen* – Semi-Gloss n/a n/a 40-45 40-45 50-55
Sheen* – Satin n/a n/a 32-36 32-36 28-33
Sheen* – Matte n/a n/a 18-22 18-22 18-22

*60 Degree Gloss Meter
**Increased temperatures will reduce pot life.
***@70 deg F, 50% RH

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