Customizing Glitsa’s Conversion Varnish Systems

Glitsa’s Conversion Varnish Systems of acid cure finishes and sealers offer outstanding durability, lasting beauty, and ease of application. It’s also the most flexible conversion varnish available, allowing you to create different combinations to ensure you get the perfect result for your customer. Here is a quick guide:

The Sealers

Glitsa Sealer
Glitsa Sealer, sometimes referred to as Green Label, has been the go-to for flooring contractors for
decades. Glitsa Sealer is a two-component (acid
catalyzed) sealer that brings out the rich color in wood. It’s an especially good choice for exotic wood species for bringing out the color and adhering to oily species. Glitsa Sealer provides excellent build as it has more solids than Bacca Sealer and dries quicker. Glitsa Sealer becomes dry to the touch in 2-4 hours, allowing for 2 coats in one day depending on temperature and humidity conditions.

Bacca® Sealer
A two-component (acid catalyzed) sealer, Bacca Sealer is an overnight dry sealer offering exceptional open time, making it a great choice for difficult layouts.
Bacca Sealer offers excellent adhesion and performs well in higher humidity conditions and like Glitsa Sealer, is known for bringing out the rich color of wood. Like Glitsa Sealer, Bacca is an excellent choice for exotic wood species.

The Finishes/Top Coats

Gold Seal™
Glitsa Gold Seal is an internally-catalyzed, single-component finish. Uniquely, the acid catalyst is already within the finish and the reaction is blocked until the product is opened and applied. Gold Seal finds its durability in the coating’s flexibility instead of hardness, allowing the finish to wear beautifully by not highlighting scratches. Used as a 1 coat application over Bacca or Glitsa sealers, or MultiKote finish, Gold Seal provides unrivaled wear durability. Glitsa Gold Seal is crystal clear and will enhance the wood’s natural grain definition leaving a ultra natural appearance to the wood floor. Gold Seal is available in four sheen levels – matte, satin, semi-gloss and gloss.

Lite Scent™
Glitsa Lite Scent is also an internally-catalyzed, single-component conversion varnish hardwood floor finish that was developed from the Gold Seal formula to be recoated in 48 hours if a touch up or repair coat is required. Lite Scent and Gold Seal are identical finishes after they have fully cured. Glitsa Lite Scent is touch dry in 4-5 hours. Along with Gold Seal, Lite Scent offers excellent adhesion, a crystal-clear coating, and excellent wear resistance. Lite Scent is available in four sheen levels – matte, satin, semi-gloss and gloss.

Self-Sealing Finishes

Glitsa MultiKote is an all-in-one system that can be used as a two-coat or three-coat system, acting as the sealer and topcoat. It is touch dry in 2-4 hours and two coats can be applied in one day. It also can be combined with Glitsa Lite Scent for an extra high build but should only ever be used with Glitsa conversion varnish coatings. Glitsa MultiKote is meant to be a commercial finish with great wear resistance and adhesion. MultiKote is available in three sheen levels – matte, satin, and high semi-gloss.

Platinum™ Plus
Glitsa Platinum™ Plus is the next generation conversion varnish. It incorporates cutting edge technology that eliminates formaldehyde while maintaining durability and beauty. Designed to be used as a complete self-sealing system, Platinum™ Plus offers excellent adhesion and wood-enhancing properties while allowing 2 coats in a day and is available in matte, satin, and high semi-gloss.

Glitsa Retarder

Glitsa Retarder may be added to any of
Glitsa’s conversion varnish sealers and finishes to aid flow and lengthen open time in hot, dry climates.

If you have any questions about using Glitsa
Conversion Varnish Systems, a Glitsa representative will be happy to assist you.