Poly 500

Poly 500 Series is a high-solids, oil-modified polyurethane finish designed for residential and commercial hardwood floor applications. Glitsa Poly 500 Series’ rich amber color, exceptional flow and leveling, low odor and even, consistent sheen make for an easy and beautiful application for the professional wood flooring contractor.


  • MFMA Approved
  • Even, Consistent Sheen
  • OExceptional Flow & Level
  • Easy to Apply
  • Just the right amount of body
    – Heavy enough to roll, thin enough not to drag
  • Formulated for reduced yellowing
Packaging: Quart, Gallon, 5-Gallon Pail
VOC: Max 550 grams per liter
Coverage Rate: 500 – 600 sq ft per gallon
Dry To Touch: 4 hours
Dry To Recoat: 8 hours
Color: Amber
Application Method: Brush, Roller, T-Bar, Pad
Product Code: Gloss: 500950.GL • Semi-Gloss: 500950.SG • Satin: 500950.ST • Matte: 500950.MT



Can be used over...

  • Glitsa Quick Dry Sealer


  • 3 coats Poly 500 Series
  • 1 coat Quick Dry Sealer and 2 to 3 coats of Poly 500 Series

Application Instructions

Surface Preparation:

Natural wood floors:

  • Sand to 100-120 grit using NWFA approved methods
  • Screen with a 100-120 grit screen.
  • Remove all sanding dust from the floor by thoroughly vacuuming and tack with a Glitsa Tack Mop.
  • At this time a first coat may be applied.

Stained floors:

  • Sand to 100-120 grit using NWFA approved methods.
  • Screen with a 100-120 grit screen.
  • Remove all sanding dust from the floor by thoroughly vacuuming and tacking with a dry Glitsa Tack Mop.
  • Refer to directions on Glitsa Gold Seal Stains for application procedures and dry times.
  • After stains are thoroughly dry, apply seal coat. Note: Quick Dry Sealer and Poly 500 are not recommended for use over pastel stained floors. Use Glitsa TruSeal waterborne sealer and GlitsaMax 2 waterborne finish.

Application Instructions:

For best results, apply Glitsa Poly 500 at temperatures between 60º – 70º F. (15.6 – 21.1º C.), and 40%-60% R.H. High humidity, or low temperatures will extend dry times. Make sure to have indirect ventilation while applying Glitsa Poly 500.


Stir Glitsa Poly 500 thoroughly. Apply by using a clean lambswool or synthetic applicator, or a lambswool roller.


Start by pouring a 3”-5” puddle of Glitsa Poly 500 with the grain of the wood, from wall to wall. Apply Glitsa Poly 500 with the grain of the wood, from wall to wall. Use a cut-in pad or a T-bar to feather out turns. Maintain a 3” – 5” puddle at all times, as this will help to ensure even coverage, and a uniform final appearance.


When Glitsa Poly 500 has dried to the touch, ventilate premises, while maintaining temperatures of 60º – 70º F. (15.6º – 21.1º C.). Optimum air quality is achieved through aggressive ventilation.

Once dry, abrade with a conditioning pad and 180 grit or finer sanding strips. Vacuum carefully, and tack with water or mineral spirits using a Glitsa Tack Mop.


For best results, allow a minimum of 8 hours dry time prior to final coat.


Apply no more than two coats in a 24-hour period.


Clean equipment immediately after applying finish with mineral spirits or VOC compliant thinner.


Read Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and Label Precautions before using this product.

Physical Properties

Oil Modified Polyurethane Quick Dry Sealer Poly 500
Cast Amber Amber
Clarity (in can) Clear Clear
Solids by Weight 38.4% 41.1 – 44.0%
Viscosity (#2 Zahn – seconds) ~22 sec 28 sec
Flash Point (deg F.) >100 >100 
Pounds/Gallon 7.13 7.18
Dry Time to Touch*** 2 hour 4 hours
Recoat Time 4 hour 8 hours
Full Cure 7 days 7 days
Sq.Ft. Coverage/Gallon 500-600 500-600
VOC grams/liter < 550 < 550
Sheen* – Gloss n/a >85
Sheen* – Semi-Gloss n/a 42-53
Sheen* – Satin n/a 27-33
Sheen* – Matte n/a 8-12

*60 Degree Gloss Meter
***@70 deg F, 50% RH

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