Poly 500

Poly 500 Series is a high-solids, oil-modified polyurethane finish designed for residential and commercial hardwood floor applications. Glitsa Poly 500 Series’ rich amber color, exceptional flow and leveling, low odor, and even, consistent sheen make for an easy and beautiful application for the professional wood flooring contractor.

  • Even, Consistent Sheen
  • Exceptional Flow & Level|
  • Easy to Apply
  • Just the right amount of body – Heavy enough to roll, thin enough not to drag
  • Formulated for reduced yellowing
  • Gallon
  • 5-Gallon Pail
  • Max 550 grams per liter
Coverage Rate:
500 – 600 sq ft per gallon
Dry To Touch:
4 hours
Dry To Recoat:
8 hours
Application Method:
  • Brush
  • Roller
  • T-Bar
  • Pad
Product Code:
  • Gloss: 500950.GL
  • Semi-Gloss: 500950.SG
  • Satin: 500950.ST
  • Matte: 500950.MT

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