Professional Tack Mop

The Glitsa Professional-Grade Tack Mop is an industrial mop specifically designed for flooring contractors. The mop features a heavy-duty, telescoping stainless steel pole with manual locks for heavy industrial use. The swivel action mophead ensures that minimal dust and debris are left behind. The Glitsa Tack Mop comes with two microfiber pads (one for dry tacking [green] and one for wet tacking [blue]) that securely Velcro to the mophead. Pads may be vacuumed or washed in plain water for reuse.

  • Designed for industrial tacking
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel pole
  • Manual locks keep telescopic pole in place
  • Good swivel action
  • Mophead picks up dust and debris, minimizing particles in coating
  • Case of 6 Mops
Product Code:
  • Professional Tack Mop: GA 5005
  • Tack Mop Pad Refill, Wet, case: GA 5006
  • Tack Mop Pad Refill, Dry, case: GA 5007